Learning French Lesson – 1

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Learning French is the dream of so many people but, as you know, learning a new language is a long journey. That’s why we will accompany you on this
journey and we’d like to announce to you what you’re gonna find in this course. That could seem long but don’t worry about it, we’ll explain what you need! You’ll find the easiest way to learning French!

The first part of our course will include, naturally, the alphabet of
french. The best way to learn French is well-known for the alphabet and how you pronounce it. Because the base of the beautiful pronunciation is the alphabet!

And secondly, the liaison is very important and we’ll talk about it. You
hear something in French and you know what, it sounds good due to the liaison!

If you follow this website, you’ll learn about French culture, grammar, and vocabulary. These are not the only things, you’ll find lots of things about French culture!

Vocabulary and Grammar! : The
important things while learning French!

Learning vocabulary is the most and best way while learning French and that’s why, we’ll produce content about Netflix, French film, and politics! If you want to speak fluently, hearing is also important because as you see, you’ll need to understand the others! If you don’t, that means nothing.

Anyway, we’ll talk about these in our first course.

And also you can download the PDF from here!

Don’t hesitate to contact us! We will always be happy to help you!

Here is the our first learning French program:


1.                 French Alphabet (Alphabet français)

a)                 Situations Where Liaison is Required

b)                 Situations Where Liaison Is Forbidden

2.                 Liaison in Speech (Liaison)

3.                 Liaison in Writing and Speech. (Elision)

4.                 Cutting the Syllable in the Word. (Decoupage des Mots)

5.                 Punctuation (Ponctuation)

6.                 Accents (Accents)


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