DELF B2 Exam Tips & DALF C1 Exam Tips

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The DELF B2 – DALF C1 diploma can be used for many purposes. To receive this diploma, it is necessary to attend the exams organized by the French Ministry of National Education in many countries. In this article, we will tell you about DELF B2 exam tips. You will find not only the tips needed for the DELF B2 exam but also the DALF C1 exam tips in this article.

DALF C1 Exam Tips
DALF C1 Exam Tips

What does the DELF B2 diploma do?

First, let’s talk about what this diploma does. With the DELF B2 and DALF C1 diploma, you can use it:

  • to study at universities in France.
  • for job applications.
  • for immigration and visa applications.

What is the DELF B2 exam system like?

DELF B2 consists of 4 parts. DELF B2 exam tips are different for each section. The sections of DELF B2 are:

  • Written production
  • Written comprehension
  • Oral comprehension
  • Oral production

DELF B2 Exam Tips

There are many ways to prepare for the DELF B2 and DALF C1 exams. You need to develop the skills we mentioned above. You need to work in different ways for each skill. But the thing you need to pay attention to most is to work in an organized way and to do this regularly.

First, you need to work towards which skill you want to improve. Of course, if you want to improve your speaking ability, it would not be right to accidentally do an activity that will improve your writing ability. We will tell you about DELF B2 exam tips.

What To Do to Improve Your Writing Production Skills

To improve your DELF B2 and DALF C1 writing skills, don’t be surprised, you need to write often. You will need to write essays in DELF B2 and DALF C1. For this reason, by clicking on this link, you can first look at how to write an argumentative essay. You can read our article on how to make a synthesis by clicking here.

To improve your writing skills, you can browse the writing sections of the previously published DELF B2 and DALF C1 exams. You can view the samples of the previous DELF B2 exam by clicking here. You can take a look at the previous DALF C1 exams by clicking here.

Improve your grammar

Everyone denies it, but it’s important to know grammar when writing an article. Because the most important way to express what you want to tell is to master the grammar of that language. In order to master grammar, you must first buy a grammar book and master the details of French grammar. You can find many resources on French grammar on the Internet. It is useful to go systematically.

Remember important words with flashcards

Flashcards are the shortest way to memorize words. You can write the words that interest you and want to learn on the cards with colored pencils. If you have a printer, you can do a little more creative work. Remember that visually the words are more memorable. It is very important to use these words in your articles, because using new words helps you write a richer article.

Get a teacher who knows the DALF C1

Let’s talk about another DALF B2 tip. Improving your writing skills is sometimes not possible on your own. Because there is no one to correct your mistakes. Therefore, you may not be aware of your mistakes. You need a teacher so that you can recognize and correct your mistakes. Those who want to get a DALF B2 diploma should work with a teacher who has a DALF C1 diploma, someone who wants to get a DALF C1 diploma should work with a teacher who has a DALF C2 diploma. In this way, you will be aware of your mistakes.

What To Do to Improve Your Written Comprehension Skills

Developing your reading skills is important for the DELF B2 and DALF C1 exams. We will tell you DELF B2 tips to improve your reading skills. We will talk about not only DELF B2, but also DALF C1 exam tips.

Improve your speaking and writing with the translation technique

With the translation technique, you can better understand the grammatical structure of the language. Your vocabulary develops as you understand the grammatical structure of a language. As you know, vocabulary in DELF/DALF exams is very important for you to understand texts. Even if you don’t know the exact meaning of a word, you must have seen the word before and understand its context.

Follow news sites

One of the DELF B2 exam tips is to follow French news sites. In this way, you can improve your vocabulary by reading the news you are familiar with. The more you read, the more you should try to understand, and the more you understand, the more you should try to read. Because only in this way can you improve your reading skills.

To improve your reading skills, you can visit these sites:

You can also keep French in your life by following French writers or people on Twitter.

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